Nowshera /Nyanza

14th February 2008, 19:49
There is a tale, possibly apocryphal, that on the maiden voyage of one of above she overtook the Kenya in the Red Sea and did a circuit around the ship at full speed. As the BI Commodore was on the Kenya at the time it did not go down very well and some furious signals ensued and repromand fro head office. Anyone verify that?

Robert Macdonald
15th February 2008, 00:37
I was Cadet on maiden voyage of Nowshera and can confirm she did not overtake or circle Kenya at any time during that voyage

R G Macdonald

tom e kelso
19th February 2008, 21:35
Nowshera (1955) and Nyanza(1956 maiden voyages.
I am almost 100% certain that Kenya did not have the Company's Commodore in command of the ship at the time these ships were on their maiden voyages. During my last spell in Kenya (1962/67, either Waroonga or Woodarra (I forget which) did overtake Kenya northward bound in the Gulf of Suez, but it dark at the time. Anyway, after the tankers, we led the convoy!

In any case, if any of our clientelle wished a speedy passage, they would opt for the Lloyd Triestino boats , but as the rule in those days, whether Crown Agency or commercial passengers, passage time did not count as leave, and the longer it took the better, (particularly outward bound when one's bar bill was also settled by Crown Agents on arrival at Mombasa!)

22nd February 2008, 20:36
Looks like a yarn then!