Ocean Ranger-25 Years Ago

15th February 2008, 17:36

Keltic Star
16th February 2008, 05:22
Jok, thanks for reminding us, can't really believe this tragedy happened 26 years ago, it seems like only yesterday.

16th February 2008, 11:24
I was on the the 'Ocean Alliance' also a Diamond Driiling rig. They had on board a copy of the marine accident report regarding the 'Ocean Ranger' tragedy. It was a very long, in depth inquiry report and made very chilling reading indeed.
Ray Jordan

16th February 2008, 11:55
The linked report mentions a wave breaking a Ballast Control Room port allowing sea water to swamp the control panels.
While on an M.E.D. (Marine Emergency Duties) course in Halifax N.S. shortly after the disaster it was suggested that fire hoses had been left hanging over rails to drain/dry, these then started to swing with the motion of the rig and it was a fire hose nozzle (the large brass type) which smashed the port-hole starting the tragic chain of events.
As mentioned by others its difficult to believe that so much time has passed.

16th February 2008, 12:37
I was in St John's doing my MED. I remember clearly being in a grocery store when they announced on the local radio station that there were no survivors from the rig and proceeded to read the crew list. Every person in that store stopped to listen and I could clearly see that more then one name was known.