William Denny's yard Dumbarton

julian anstis
10th May 2005, 13:45
Just realised that three of the wrecks I have posted in this forum
RYDE....KING GEORGE V....OLD CALEDONIA....have all come out of William Dennys yard at Dumbarton.....Is that saying something or not......?

julian anstis
10th May 2005, 15:19
Just thought there might have been a distillery just down the road from Denny's........... (LOL)

10th May 2005, 19:10
I/ll have you know Denny/s built some of the finest excursion and Cross Channel vessels ever! What happens after they get sold on is not their fault!!!
Incidentally,TWO distilleries I think in close proximity at one time..........

10th May 2005, 19:20
One of Denny/s finest,built 1952 a pioneer car ferry.

julian anstis
10th May 2005, 20:53
All three did have exceptionally long lives being built in the 20's & 30's which is a great credit to Denny's craftsmanship............But I still say it's got something to do with your Malt up there!

14th May 2005, 11:36
My first ship was built by William Denny. Launched as the Ardenvohr in 1931, it was sold to NZ Shipping in 1937 and renamed the Kaimata. In 1954 it was transferred to the newly formed Avenue Shipping and became the Antrim. It had an 8 cyl.salt water cooled Sulzer engine which was not without it's troubles, experiencing several major breakdowns during it's career. The ship spent a good part of it's life on the MANZ run.I joined as a Junior Engineer in 1954 and stayed with it for two years. She was a good example of the old saying, hard ships are happy ships. Sid.