SS United States - Doing Some Research

17th February 2008, 01:12
Hello All,

First, let me say, WOW, what a great site. I'm a newbie but am already enjoying the site immensely.

Secondly, I'm the group master of The SS United States Group on Yahoo and am doing some research on the SS United States.

Can anyone point me in the right direction as to media (newspapers, maritime trade publications, etc.) that would have carried news of the SS United States in the ports of Southampton, Le Havre and Bremerhaven?

I would also be interested in contacting the port authority/pilots that would have handled the ship during her active years.

Any suggestions?


Carl Weber
Group Master
The SS United States Group

Steve Woodward
17th February 2008, 10:11
Welcome to SN from Suffolk, someone will be able to help you with your quest, in the meantime enjoy your time with us

K urgess
17th February 2008, 10:27
Welcome aboard from East Yorkshire, Carl.
It may be an idea to repeat your post in the Hello forum.
You may get a wider response.
Enjoy the voyage.

17th February 2008, 14:34
Many thanks for the advice.


Carl Weber