RFA Black Rover

6th April 2004, 14:25
The Rover class served with distinction in the Falklands War of 1982, with some vessels ferrying fuel and supplies from the UK to Ascension Island. RFA BLUE ROVER entered the conflict zone and came under attack from Argentine aircraft in San Carlos Bay. Following the Falklands War, the class was refitted with two 20mm anti-aircraft guns mounted on the bridge wings alongside Corvus chaff launchers. The Rover Class is now quite aged. Already two of the class have been decommissioned and sold overseas for further service, with GREEN ROVER being sold in September 1992 to Indonesia. There she took on the name of ARUN and, in addition to providing tanker duties, also became the flagship of the Training Commander in the Indonesian fleet. Sister ship BLUE ROVER was sold less than six months later in March 1993 to the Portuguese navy and took the name of BERRIO. GREY ROVER, GOLD ROVER and BLACK ROVER will soldier on with the RFA until they are replaced by newbuilds or contracted ships. However, there are currently no plans to replace the three remaining members of the Rover class of replenishment tankers before 2007.