mv exmoor

exmoor 77
19th February 2008, 06:20
hi every one,
just wondering sat here about the time i sailed on the Mv exmoor 1953 one of runcimans, what happened to her i wonder the skipper was a captain Lamb i think great trip 8 months japan etc oh coming back we towed the essex trader that had lost her screw, went to jakarta got some salvo,
hope to hear petexxx

19th February 2008, 09:25
Greetings Exmoor and a warm welcome to SN. Bon voyage.

19th February 2008, 10:04
According to Miramar data.
EXMOOR Id 5027522. Flag. Gbr. Grt. 5324. SP12.5k. Built 1950 by Doxford.Pallion.completed for Moore Line Ltd. London. ex 1962 ASTIR. scrapped Shanghai.1972.

exmoor 77
20th February 2008, 11:02
thank you shipmate 17, i always wondered what happened to her, had great trip to japan with salt from turkey , girl dockers in moji stripped to the waist unloading aghhhhhh the joys eh pete/////

21st February 2008, 19:56
Stood by Exmoor as "/Eng when she was handed over to Indian owners at Redheads S. Shields Late 50's early 60's ??? Must look that up> Was with Runcimans quite a while and lived quite close to Capt. Lamb, real gentleman and last of a breed of Masters.
Talking of Moji !! many happy memories.

Michael Wardell
21st June 2015, 21:58
Any chance you sailed with C/E Rob Hultgren on the Exmoor 1960s - my wife's father