19th February 2008, 19:26
I'm looking to build an rc model of the liner Rawalpindi in her armed merchant cruiser guise. I have plans of her as a civilian ship but no details of her armament arrangements. It is just possible to make out where some of her six inch guns were sited from photos but there are no clear views of her AA armament disposition. Can anyone help out with factual information?

Derek Roger
19th February 2008, 20:26
A Warm Welcome from Canada . I,m sure some of our members can help .

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Steve Woodward
19th February 2008, 20:55
Rawalpindi's armament was eight 6" guns and for AA defence just two 12 pounder or 3" guns, of different designs they were both of the same bore and i cannot say for certain which gun it was.

The 6" were circa 1900 of Mk7 type built by vicker and the 12 pounders/ 3" 1917, were the location of the 3" guns was I do not know exactly but one of the guns crews states in a report of the sinking of the German blockade runner Gonsenheim by the Rawalpindi that when the alarm sounded he went to his battle station on the boat deck

19th February 2008, 22:54
Thanks Derek. If I can get the information I can make the model. Next time I will remember to put a title to the thread as well!

21st February 2008, 21:23
Corixa, have a look at

Its written by a survivor. You may be able to track him down and find out from someone who was onboard her.

Best wishes

23rd February 2008, 23:45
Thanks to Steve and Alick for the info. It sound as if the 3inch guns were on each beam rather than fore and aft. I'm not surprised the armament was a mixture. The navy had to arm over thirty liners at the start of the war. Dockyards all over the world were involved - quite a feat of organisation seldom noted.