NCL America troubles continue

fred henderson
19th February 2008, 20:24
PRIDE OF ALOHA is to be taken out of NCL America service this summer and will be transferred to Star Cruises in Asia. The decision comes after a long and fruitless struggle by Star to generate sufficient revenue to cover the balance of the operating cost of subsidised US Flag cruises.

It was decided last year to transfer the PRIDE OF HAWAII from NCL America to NCL's international operations. She has been renamed NORWEGIAN JADE and will cruise in Europe this summer.

The only remaining operational NCL America ship is the PRIDE OF AMERICA. She was one of two cruise ships ordered at the end of 1999 from Ingalls by American Classic Voyages at a price that was about double that being charged by Fincantieri at the time. Ingalls made a hopeless attempt at building the first ship and the owners went bankrupt. Star entered into a deal where they formed NCL America, brought in NORWEGIAN SKY as PRIDE OF ALOHA, completed the first Ingalls ship in Germany as PRIDE OF AMERICA and built PRIDE OF HAWAII in Germany incorporating some Ingalls steelwork. NCL America then operated the three ships as US-flagged and US-manned cruise vessels in accordance with the US Jones Act regulations.

The removal of PRIDE OF ALOHA is therefore another blow to the US attempts to stimulate US-flagged operations through regulation. US passengers are not prepared to pay the cost of employing US crews in US built ships.


Bruce Carson
19th February 2008, 20:33
Sorry to be uncharitable, but it couldn't happen to a nicer company.
It just breaks my heart, after watching their lobbying efforts for years, to see them lose money on the venture.
You know the old saying, "Buying politicians does not a profit guarantee".
May the Bird of Paradise fly up their collective noses.