THOMAS -ex- C 10

julian anstis
11th May 2005, 16:58
Built 1938 at Selby 91tns for the Admiralty and carried the registration C 10 until 1958 when she was re-named DESTINY. Sold out of the Admiralty in 1963 she then went to Husbands shipyards and Star Tugs. Then passing into private ownership she now carries the name of her present owner THOMAS a bussinesman who uses her as a private motor yacht. Seen here visiting Avonmouth in 1996 I belive her home port is now Swansea.
photo courtesy P.W.Hobday.

11th May 2005, 18:59
I see two names on the bow - THOMAS and DESTINY. Can't quite make out the word in front of DESTINY, is it "ex"?

Bob S
11th May 2005, 19:22
Ex DESTINY as in previous name.
Here's another view taken at the D-day celebration at Portsmouth during June 1994 (50 year anniversay).

John Rogers
5th July 2005, 23:42
I spot the three feathers on the smoke stack,she is Welsh for sure.