Naval WW1 Footage

samuel j
20th February 2008, 19:49
Battleship/Dreadnought unknown.? sinks in WW1

Battle of Jutland

HMS Dreadnought

20th February 2008, 20:42
Its not the Blucher, its an Austrian Dreadnought, I can't remember its name though. Torpedoed, I beleive.

samuel j
20th February 2008, 22:21
Think you are right... found this link with some Blucher shots

robbie 1954
11th February 2009, 19:57
Its the Austrian dreadnaught Szent Istvan which was sunk byan Italian MAS boat

Steve Woodward
11th February 2009, 23:04
Blucher was sunk at the battle of the Dogger Bank, for info on this event got to the SN directory and look up HMS Lion and find the Dogger bank section.
Blucher was an Armoured cruiser, a style of ship made obsolescent by the battle-cruisers and ended up a victim to the new class when she was added to the line of battle to 'make up the numbers'

4th June 2009, 22:28
That sinking dreadnought was the Austro-Hungarian battleship Szent Istvan (the Hungarian name for the patron saint of their country, Saint Steven). She was torpedoed by Italian MTBs in 1918.

8th June 2009, 12:30
The Svent Istvan footage, together with that depicting the loss of HMS Barham in WW2, seems to be used to support just about every sinking on the 'History Channel' regardless of the description of the vessel, the timescale or the reason for the sinking.