Valentia & Malin to close

samuel j
21st February 2008, 13:00
Source Irish Examiner

Row erupts over closure of Coast Guard stations
21/02/2008 - 07:57:34
A row has erupted over the proposed closure of the Valentia and Malin Head Coast Guard stations.

The Department of Transport is planning to shut both facilities and combine them into a new urban centre.

Fine Gael, however, claims the Government is ignoring a report launched two years ago by Minister Dermot Ahern which recommended that the two stations be upgraded.

Fine Gael's Joe McHugh, a TD in Donegal North-East, says the Government has made a massive u-turn on foot of a flawed new report.

And from RTE
Valentia Island protests radio closure
Monday, 18 February 2008 19:45
Kerry County Council has unanimously decided to oppose the closure of Valentia Island's coastal radio station, in support of a campaign by islanders.

The councillors described the move to close the station as 'anti rural thuggery by Dublin-based bureaucrats'.

The Coast Guard and the Department of Transport are proposing to close Valentia's coastal radio station as well as Malin Head radio station, and then combine both in a new station at an urban location.

AdvertisementKerry County Council has decided to form a joint approach with the Donegal County Council against both of the proposed closures.

Kerry County Manager Tom Curran described the Department of Transport's proposal as 'ridiculous' and having no logical reason.

Mr Curran told Kerry County Council this morning that it was frustrating and a vote of no confidence in the county when it is trying to create highly skilled jobs. He said the county is having the rug pulled from under it by a policy with no logical reason and that does not make sense.

Together with the Mayor of Kerry, Mr Curran had met a delegation of islanders protesting against the proposed closure and the removal of operations to an urban centre.

The islanders see the closure attempt as anti-rural bias, particularly as the Coast Guard proposal suggested that staff and their families would have better lifestyles in an urban centre.

The ESB and Eircom have contradicted Coast Guard claims that technology at Valentia is outdated.

Valentia Island was where the first transatlantic telegraph cable was landed and the islanders are very proud of their involvement in maritime radio services and emergency rescues.

steve Coombs
22nd February 2008, 12:25
Thanks-I heard this on RTE, would be awful if these moved/closed

Gareth Jones
22nd February 2008, 12:44
It would appear the Coastguards would prefer to guard the coast from City centres rather than on the coast itself ! how nice for them !

samuel j
22nd February 2008, 13:10
Its just daft, two years ago they said both stations would be upgraded and now this carry on...
I hope to god they don't get away with it.