May I Introduce Myself?

David Brown
12th May 2005, 07:02
A few lines to say that although I swallowed the anchor as long ago as 1956, I have maintained a lively interest in the sea and ships, and that this has been reflected in several radio documentaries over the years. These programmes have included the 1971 Cape to Rio yacht race in which I was a member of the crew of eight aboard the ketch Sandefjord); the South African Merchant Navy; the South African submarine service; the South African National Sea Rescue Institutre, and yachting in South Africa.

At the age of 15 I worked my way back to my native England as a deck hand in the Winchester Castle, and became one of the last cadets to serve in HMS Conway before the ship herself was wrecked, in my second year aboard. I eventually went to sea with the Blue Star Line, serving in the Patagonia Star, the Oakland Star, the Seattle Star and the Australia Star.

I have been behind the radio microphone in South Africa, The Netherlands and Israel, and have co-presented news for Middle East Television. My media career had otherwise involved print journalism and photography in articles published in a variety of newspapers and magazines in several countries.

12th May 2005, 07:41
A warm welcome to SN David.

Doug Rogers
12th May 2005, 07:58
Welcome aboard SN and look forward to your input.

12th May 2005, 09:19
Welcome aboard, David. You'll find plenty here to interest you. Enjoy the site - we'll look forward to your contributions.

Ron B Manderson
12th May 2005, 09:27
Hope you have as much enjoyment as we do

julian anstis
12th May 2005, 09:35
Welcome aboard there David,

We hope you find much to interest you here on site. "A journalist eh"....."I feel some good stories about to hit our shores of your experiences afloat"...."your not getting away that lightly".....would love to hear them if you do.

Regards Julian

David Brown
12th May 2005, 17:55
Thank you, Zelda, Steve, Doug, David, Ron and Julian for the warm welcome!

David Brown