Warning over huge lost fish net ( BBC )

Gavin Gait
25th February 2008, 12:46

The net is a Purse Seine and they are normally 600fm/3600ft/1097m long and around 100fm/600ft/183m deep at the deepest part. This means the floats will still be on the surface of the water when the leadline is still on the seabed below. This is a serious hazard to ALL shipping. A purse seine can weight up to 40-50t out of the water so would be a serious problem to any vessel should they get tangled in it.

The vessel it was lost from was , apparently , the Norweigan ( Bergen ) registered vessel Krossfjord H-69-S and a warning to all shipping has been issued by the MCA


david lapage
25th February 2008, 12:52
Here's hoping nobody else picks it up Davie thats a bad one for the skipper and crew hope it wont be too long before they get back fishing again

Gavin Gait
25th February 2008, 12:54
Couple of photos to show a purse seine in use

Hopefully the Krossfjord's insurance will pay for all repairs and loss of fishing time for the Aubretia boys ( damn well should do as it was their fault !! ) and we can only hope they manage to get it lifted ASAP

25th February 2008, 22:56
I once picked up a great lump of purse net in the mouth of the pentland firth, it had come from one of the Tates boat Conquest or Courage at that time I cant remember which, I think Rob tate was the skipper when they lost the net in a howling gale coming round cape wrath, it took us 9 hours to tow it into Scrabster and 3 lifts by a large crane with a extention jib on to get it on to the quay, it would have disable anything unfortunate enough to run into it

Gavin Gait
26th February 2008, 12:30
An update

From Craig1128
Here is an update from yesterday:

A HUGE fishing net which was lost over the side of a fishing boat on Friday afternoon is causing problems in the Pentland Firth.

Coastguards have been issuing warnings to shipping after the net was lost from the Bergen registered trawler 'Krossfjord' on Friday afternoon.

Only a few hours after the net was reported lost, the Buckie registered fishing boat 'Aubretia' caught it's propellor in the drifting net and had to be towed to safety into Scrabster by Thurso lifeboat.

The Coastguard tug 'Anglian Sovereign' was tasked to come down from Shetland to attempt to retrieve the net, and on Monday morning was in the area of the net which was just south of Stroma.

A spokesman for Aberdeen Coastguard, who are co-ordinating the incident, said that the net was in quite shallow water and appeared to be stuck on something, which was causing further problems.

I heard today that the tug was now back up in Shetland and the Krossfjord was back in the Pentland Firth... I will post another update when I hear more.

from Reduster
Net now ashore at brough....

From her Skipper ( on the Trawlerphotos site )
No warnings where heard by us from when we left FR Saturday morning up until we where stopped in our tracks by this purse net. We have suffered major damage to our gear box, shaft, stern gear and as of yet we don't no what damage there is to the prop and rudder. this is extremely frustrating as we are only off the slip after 3wks of DTI work. This could of been avoided if the Krossfjord or coastguard had done something sooner instead it (net) was left to drift around in the Pentland firth.Luckily as of yet no tankers or ferry's have been fouled by this. The Aubretia BCK32 is currently awaiting in Scrabster on better weather for a tow back to Fraserburgh for repairs!!

Don Matheson
26th February 2008, 13:19

This huge net adrift in the Pentland firth and causing chaos, did it go overboard from a net stowage ( poor seamanship) or were they fishing in the area using this net.
Just wondering if a Norwegian or any other boat could fish in there using a purse seine net.


26th February 2008, 13:24
Im just wondering if the Norweigan, vessel put any warning markers around the purse seine, as this is a hazard...

Gavin Gait
26th February 2008, 15:10
I can only go on my own experience Don and it must have been very poorly secured aboard the boat. Normally they make sure that the end of the net is attached to the boat with a very very strong nylon rope ( well over 120t breaking strain ) and the noise a net like this makes going overboard is enough to alert anyone ( there are literally thousands of 2kg lead weights all attached to a rope on the bottom of the net to sink it and all that lead rattling over a steel net bin is very very noisy ).

As for fishing in the Pentland Firth , no not where the net was lost far too much tide for that. Besides the boat wasn't going to be using that net as they have been trawling for an industrial fish ( Blue Whiting ) to the West of Ireland which you cannot use a Purse Net for.

Dick no the skipper didn't seem to report it missing until the damage had been done to the Aubretia as she was never warned ( at a minimum the Krossfjord should have stood close by issuing a Pan Pan or Security alert to all shipping of the net but didn't....... very very poor in my opinion ).

wully farquhar
26th February 2008, 16:59
Purse net picked up 4.5 miles east of Wick