Pre Historic Cadet

26th February 2008, 02:01
Being a newbie I took great pleasure in reading yor threads Many thanks
I joined BTC in January 1951 on the British Wisdom at North Shields.
Payed of in Teneriffe with Dysentry with a good mate Alex Bell who also had Dysentry and unfortunately piles (ouch)
Next ship was the British Princess also in North Shields August 1951 (Oh how well I remember the girls from the Rope Works) Great Ship Great crew payed off in Falmouth nine and a half months later talking like a Geordie.
Next British Captain March 1952 ( Did a course in Naval Gunnery in London)
paid off in Falmouth May 1953
Joined Fort Stevens a T2 tanker ( great water cooler lousy steel framed bunks) Falmouth June 1953 paid off March 1954 Finally the British Duke for 2 and a half months to finally get my 37 months seatime in
Unfortunately my memory is not so good now but I do remember great mates that I sailed with

Derek Roger
26th February 2008, 14:25
A Welcome from Canada . Regards Derek