help needed for TV-documentary!!

Angela Giese
27th February 2008, 10:32
Hello everybody,

I am an editorial journalist for a German documentary called "missing" where we reunite long lost relatives. In this context I am looking for a man called JOSÉ LUIS PADILLA (he's supposed to be Spanish which is still uuncertain) who worked on the REINA DEL MAR in 1958 and/ until 1960. While sailing from Peru to Germany in 1958 (back then under the flag of Pacific Steam Navigation), José Luis Padilla conceived a son (Michael) with a 17-year old German girl. His son Michael has been looking for his father for almost 50 years now. If anybody knew, remembers or worked together with José Luis Padilla, please let me know!

Anybody, please be so kind to help a son find his long lost father!

If you have any hints or ideas, please don't hesitate to contact me anytime: Please use the PM system for contacts , phone number and Email removed as per site rules , Davie Tait Moderator

Thank you all so much,

27th February 2008, 16:22
Greetings Angela and welcome to SN. PSNC have there own website- worth a try. Bon voyage.

27th February 2008, 21:12
Hi Angela,

If I am not mistaken, your company is responsible for programmes like Big Brother in the UK. Your company has a lot to answer for!

Nevertheless I welcome you to the site and wish you luck in your quest.