Problem with copying files.

27th February 2008, 12:23
Good morning.
I would be grateful if someone could help with an infuriating fault that cropped up this morning.
Computer generally behaves normal, but:

I can no longer copy a WP file by holding down Ctrl & left mouse button & dragging it away. It all jams up & I have to go through the End task" procedure.

I can copy by clicking on Copy This file (Windows XP menu). I can also copy text by highlighting & clicking the copy icon.

There is plenty of Gb left on the Hard disk, but it is almost like a memory somewhere is full. Generally, I am quite computer literate, but this one has baffled me so far. Restoring to an earlier date has not made any difference, even the simple solution of switching it off for an hour has not changed things!

Can anyone help please.

27th February 2008, 12:45
Have you de-fragged?
Have you checked the short-cut keys?
Could it be something wrong with either the mouse or the driver?
May be as simple as that.
Have you been offered "send error report"?

27th February 2008, 12:56
Hi Treeve,
I have defragged & also "restored" but made no differnce. Yes, it offers a "send report" every time. Don't relly know what you mean about short-cut keys (I know what they are). Mouse seems OK as I can do most other things on it. I have since noticed that when writing, I can no longer insert a picture from another computer file.

27th February 2008, 13:56
OK then, have you tried to repair Windows? (keeping all your data that is).
I had that other problem you have just mentioned on ME and a repair did
the job. I am not at all sure, now, where the short cut keys and mouse
directions are, but I have had to alter them on occasion, mostly because
my hands touch keys by accident occasionally, and I get tired of having
spurious dialogue boxes appear in front of my work !! Raymond

27th February 2008, 16:05
Hi Raymond,
It is working again & I am very grateful for your assistance & excellent advice. I did not know how to run Windows Repair, but I clicked on "Send Report" & it promptly sent the necessary simple instructions. I started it up & left it to its own devices. It took about an hour & then informed me that it had found & replaced a bad cluster in one of the files. I then found that it was 100% again, much to my relief. I am wondering if it signals an impending hard drive failure, but I am well "backed up" with a Maxtor, so it will be more of an inconvenience than anything else.
Thanks again

27th February 2008, 17:14
Glad it is ok; it may well be a write problem, do a read write test.
Another thing, write problems do not necessarily originate in the drive.
I was getting problems with write errors, galore, would not even boot up;
After getting a new PC and stripping out the old drive, I discovered the
drive is Lloyds A1. It was the motherboard. I would also seriously advise you to
have two external drives. Best Wishes, Raymond

27th February 2008, 19:14
Hi Raymond,
No problems with the backup really. I have a Maxtor connected to it, but I like to do my main work onto the small, inexpensive, Compact Flash cards designed for cameras. Long ago, I discoverd that stuck in a card reader, they behaved like external hard drives. So after I have finished writing, I can save it to the computer as well as the Maxtor, thereby having one original & two backups. After your message suggesting Windows Repair, I put it to the firm who assembled my computer & they said "very unlikely it will fix it, bring it in!" Not being convinced, I followed your (sound) advice & ended up with everything OK again. I can't help thinking that if I had taken it in, they would have done exactly what I did on your advice & charged me accordingly and as it took about an hour, I would probably have ended up with a bill in excess of 50! So to put it in good honest sailor language, they have "P****d on their chips" as I am considering getting a laptop for my writing in order to avoid viruses by never having it connected to the internet & will now revise my ideas about who to buy it from!
Best wishes

27th February 2008, 20:15
Hi Bob, Good. When a laptop of mine "died", I was told by the service chappies
that ... ooh dear, mate, thas yer motherboard gone that is,
cost you more for that than a new computer that will; went home
considered the shekels, and then took the laptop to pieces, completely.
Worked out that there must have been a problem with the CD/DVD drive,
considering the behaviour before it collapsed. Put it all back together
without the CD/DVD drive, and it has worked ok ever since. You see
there are two choices, either they were incompetant or they were about to
swindle me. Choose. I keep my laptop with no connection to anything other
than the external drives; as you say, no viruses there. I write mostly on
the laptop and transfer across. Glad it all was ok for you. Best Wishes, Raymond