Empire Damsel/Pass of Balmaha

14th May 2005, 09:13
Am looking for a pic of the above,she was launched as the Empire Damsel
in 1942 for the Ministry of War Transport.Renamed in 1947 as Pass of Balmaha
scrapped at Dalmuir in 1967.

pic would be greatly appreciated (Thumb)

21st May 2005, 11:43
P OF B. BUILT 1942 BY Grangemouth dockyard co. 3 cyl up & downer
193 x 30.7 x 14.1. 784 tons british flag. reg:london code flags MQGD

21st May 2005, 18:12
Cheers for that info .

much appreciated Forby

6th July 2005, 18:13
I sailed on her in 1961 carrying petrol and Isopropanol for BP Grangemouth/ Hull / Shellhaven/ Fawley owned by Bulk Oil Steamship Company , Minories, London. Captain was MacKay and first Officer was Donald Stewart.
All the ships drawings were in German and the starboard companionway had a beautiful ships drawing all in German. So I question where she was built unless there was something else going on I didnt know about.
2 Double acting ram pumps amidships to offload cargoe all steam driven.
Good seaworthy boat which always had to be ballasted when empty as she pounded the bottom.
looked v similar to Pass of Ballater, stern accomodation, midships pump house, medium focsle
and lastly lost my pic of her sorry
Hope this helps.

6th July 2005, 19:16
They were replaced by similar tankers of the same name. There were 4 brothers in the company, each of whom was Master on a different Pass boat. They used to time it so the entered and left the river forth together, and you can guarantee a race would ensue!

6th July 2005, 19:28
Was their Name Morrison ?

6th July 2005, 21:30
Think that's right. They were all from Lewis, weren't they? I think there might have been a 5th brother who was Master with the Northern Lighthouse Board or Calmac.

7th July 2005, 05:03
I know one of them had two sons, Donald and Angus who sailed in Thomas Metcalf's, one on the 'Melissa M' and one on the 'Peter M'

bert thompson
30th November 2005, 21:39
Think that's right. They were all from Lewis, weren't they? I think there might have been a 5th brother who was Master with the Northern Lighthouse Board or Calmac.

Served on the Pass of Balmaha and Pass of Brander
Can only recall three Masters called Morrison
Remember reading somewhere that the other brother (I met him during drydock in the Tyne) got an M.B.E. and it was said that he joined Northern Lights as a Senior Ordinary Seaman and ended up as Commodore.
Regards Bert

16th December 2005, 21:36
The 4 Morrison brothers were from Isle of Harris and not from Lewis, there was 3 brothers in the Pass boats and the 4th in the lighthouse ships.
The other Morrison that was mentioned and had 2 sons called Angus and Donald was not related to the other Morrisons.
Regards Willcon

17th December 2005, 21:17
I think the references to Morrisons apply to the second fleet of "pass" boats and not the one which was first in this thread. Never a Morrison on either Balmaha or Ballater while I was on board.
I would also like a pic if u get one Forby

28th January 2006, 05:48
I sailed on a vessel of this name from New Zealand to Australia in 1937 when I was
one. I believe it was later sunk in the war.

vic pitcher
24th February 2006, 16:36
Three Morrisons were Masters in the Pass tankers. A fourth brother was Master with Northern Lights.
On the demise of the Pass boats in 1983 (then under Panocean management0
One brother retired to Carnoustie, one went Master in N.Sea support ships and one went with Calmac.
They were all from Harris. They had an assortment of relations and in-laws also sailing in Panocean.
The representation from Harris and Lewis was strong and Gaelic was much in evidence.
All three were excellent shiphandlers.

Vic Pitcher

1st June 2006, 08:26
Epire Damsel built Grangemouth scrap dalmuir1967

Hugh MacLean
1st June 2006, 21:15
If you wander over to this site you will see a pic of the Pass of Balmaha 1942 ex Empire Damsel.


Click on letter E and look for Empire Damsel.


2nd June 2006, 01:51
The Pass of Balmaha was used as a storage tanker for fuel oil and petrol in Dundalk Port in the 60s by a local oil importer. Needless to say he fought a long drawn out battle with the Dept. over the use of her for this purpose, but she was a fixture there for a number of years. I have dates etc. and a poor quality photo of her being towed down river on her way to the breakers. I will post the photo now in tankers category for you, Charley .

2nd June 2006, 18:39
From Llyods - 1958 ----- Pass of Ballater, '28, 796 t; Pass of Balmaha, '42, 784 t; Pass of Drumochter,'44, 813 t; Pass of Glenogle,'44, 813 t; Pass of Kintail, '44, 915 t; Pass of Leny, '28, 795 t; Pass of Melfort, '26, 757. Owner - Bulk Oil S.S. Co. Ltd; London. From Llyods - 1982 ----- Passof Balmaha, '75, 2497 t; Pass of Brander, '76, 2491 t; Pass of Cairnwell, ex - Cordale, '70, 918 t; Pass of Chisholm, ex - Cordene, '70, 918 t; Pass of Glenclunie, '63, 1416. Owner - Cory Maritime Ltd; London. Pass of Derriemore, '75, 1597 t; Pass of Drumochter, '74, 1597 t. Owner - Panocean Ship Managment Ltd; London.

15th July 2006, 20:49
Many thanks for that Galtra
What a sad sight after all those years.
cheers! Ive had a small whisky on the strength of the memorys - any excuse.