Help on my drawing of SS United States

7th March 2008, 22:13
Hi again fella's,
Another new drawing I'm stuck with. This time I'm stuck with colours.
1. Are the funnel tops black or a very dark blue?
2. Are the lifeboats in a white scheme or as the photo I'm working from, grey?
3. There are two rectangular objects towards the stern, I have no clue as what they are?

2 weeks work is nearly finished, just need this info to get her done.

8th March 2008, 00:52
The funnel tops are blue the same color as the American flag, but with soot blowing and incomplete combustion the blue does turn a bit.

The lifeboats were white

If you can post the picture you are working from some one may be able to let you what it is?
You may have some more info from


8th March 2008, 01:20
Thank you for the info, I have put the funnel tops in a black look, compensating the light and angle.
The drawing is created from different sources in my books, I sort of have them spread out and feed from each, if that makes sense?
The photos are in black & white that I'm working from, so the lifeboats do seem to be a difficult colour to figure out. Of the colour photos I have seen, the LB's seem to be either grey and white. How is that, were they changed at some time?

8th March 2008, 04:38
The lifeboats on the United States would have been white since the time that they were put onboard. Only more recently have the lifeboats colors have been changed to international orange.