O.304 Laermans

16th May 2005, 17:48
Does anyone know the date and possible location were the Belgian trawler O.304 Laermans sunk. She must have sunk in October or December 1949, probably around the Doggers Bank.

I believe she dissaperaed without any trace, but I'm not sure...

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20th June 2005, 12:09
The O.304 - "Laermans" (Sistership O.305 "Francois Musin") belonged to the Belgian N.V. Motorvisserij from Oostende.
She was just a few month old, as she disappeared without a trace on 18 th(official date of loss) October 1948 sowewhere at the Doggersbank. The number of victims differs between 8 to 10, but there were nobody saved anyway !

There is something about the ship at the Oostende-Zeevisserij-page (with a special small link to the "Laermans") on :


I found another trace at the page of the Oostende-family Verburgh, which had some family members on the ship earlier (Click left on "3" !):


Maybe You should send them or the Oostende-fishery-school-archive (look around the website !!) an e-mail and they know more.

Hope, I helped You
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20th June 2005, 17:10
Thanks Werner. The first link (http://www.ibiblio.org/musin) is my site! The second one is of a friend of mine.
It is for my site that I'm looking for some more information.

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20th June 2005, 23:22
Excusez moi, Frederic

I didn't want to tease You, I saw later another of Your postings and understood, that You are living in Oostende. (Nice place !)
So You must know already the things, I posted here.....

Nice visserij-page You got !
But anyhow : Had there been 8 or 10 crew-members aboard ?
I don't know about the weather in this specific days on the Doggersbank, but at those days (1947, shortly after WW II) it could be a sea-mine also !
In 1961 I was as an OS working on a german "Fischkutter"- "HF 484" and we still caught a mine in the net during trawling in the Kattegat. The thing didn't explode - for heaven's sake - and the experts said later, that the mine was from WW I(!) and still flooding around in the Northsea !!

Nice Regards + Groetjes

21st June 2005, 16:39
No problem Werner, I'm happy you alreayd tried to help me!

The problem with the vessels was there ballast. These ships had water tanks for keeping them right and most likely, the forgot to fill there tanks while fishing. At least that is what I heard.
Since there has never been a SOS signal, could a mine have been the cause of sinking so quickly?


21st June 2005, 19:33
I heard that the US Maritime were still getting war risk bonus because of the mines in the approaches to the German Ports in the 50,s do not know if it was true