New Australia

Doug Rogers
18th May 2005, 05:07
Built by Vickers Amstrong, Walker on Tyne, in Nov 1931 as the Monarch of Bermuda. Following war service as a troop transport she was being refitted on the Tyne when she was gutted by fire. Subsequently bought by the MOT due to the lack of hulls after the war she was rebuilt as a migrant ship. She was managed by Shaw Saville & Albion but withdrawn from service in 1957, subsequently sold to Greek Line in 1958 she became their Arkadia.
Originally of 3 funnel design the forward exhaust was rerouted through a Mack arrangement which no doubt explains her strange profile as rebuilt.
We dont have a forum for the MOT hence entered her under the general one.

18th May 2005, 06:27
For some reason I just love looking at ships built up until about 1930, I can't put it into words but they just look so solid, graceful and business like, I get the feeling that if I were ever in trouble in stormy weather I'd like to know I was in one of these beauties.

Doug Rogers
18th May 2005, 06:37
Well in her original configuration she was a wonderfully graceful vessel but in her second coming she leaves grace and beauty a bit behind I think. However to have survived a fire which virtually gutted her the shipyard must had a certain something going for it I think. She went on for more than a fair number of years as the Arkadia after the MOT disposed of her, just goes to show that down isnt always out!!.

2nd April 2014, 05:11
I was a young nipper when Mum and Dad migrated to to Perth WA in the fivties and had a great time on her.

She called at Dakar and Durban as I recall and we all started our new life when we disembarked at Fremantle(Thumb)

5th April 2014, 03:27
G'Day Doug, My Parents Brought Us Out To Australia In 1951 Via The Suez Canal A Great Ship And remember The Crew Who Always Awnsered My Many Questions!!. Great Crew And A Ship Built To Last, VMR.

24th April 2014, 16:26
I am looking for data on SS NEW AUSTRALIA for the 1956 era. She was employed trooping to Suez for the Suez Crisis and was anchored off Port Said when a limpet mine was found before it went off. She was later in collision with a tanker in the Torres Straits, possibly 1957?

My friend was the nursing sister onboard her at the time.

Any contributions will be welcome.

Best wishes,