QE2 bridgefront plate/plaque.

11th March 2008, 12:31
Out of the brilliant array of photographs we've had recently of QE2 out here in Australia, I have a question for someone with knowledge! If one looks at photos of QE2's forepart - there is to be seen on the centreline, just below the bulwark top at the deck level below the bridge, a red plate or plaque attached to the said forepart. I've not noticed this plate/plaque before but trawling through the many photos of QE2 in the gallery, it would seem that it has appeared in early 2005 .... I say this because there is a photo of her in NZ in February 2005 without the plate/plaque and a photo of her in Naples in April 2005 with the plate/plaque. Does anyone have any idea what the significance of this
plate/plaque is - it might well be a builder's plate, or a Falklands service plaque but if it's either of these, why has it not appeared until 2005?

11th March 2008, 14:34
Very interesting. Her builders' plate was a very poor affair and it always was on the Upper or Sun Deck Aft.

11th March 2008, 14:45
Do you mean this? Looks like a badge to me. Could be a 'Lion Rampant' holding something? is 2005 significant? when was she refitted?

K urgess
11th March 2008, 15:16
That's the Cunard badge. Looks like an old version, maybe.

11th March 2008, 17:49
it is the "Cunard Monkey Passing The Buck"


11th March 2008, 23:51
Many Thanks for that Fubar.

12th March 2008, 06:04
Many thanks Griffon, you have hit the matter on the head!! Since my post yesterday, I have seen a photograph where we were able to blow up the plate/plaque - and it is clearly the Cunard lion as in your attached images. Interesting that it only appeared, apparently, in early 2005 - unless it's been placed there from some previous position on board?

12th March 2008, 14:38
"passing the buck" on Cunard. Absolutely right in all my years as an engineer with them, on the change over of the watch you were told what if necessary needed attention, the second would ask "anything to do" you told him and invariably he would say " pass it over laddie" quite often the same job appeared to be passed over half a dozen times and by that time you had arrived in port. Wonderful Days wish I was still there.

Jim S
12th March 2008, 17:36
Re the Cunard Lion emblem - In Carol Thatcher's excellent book QE 2 - Forty Years Famous it is stated that the Cunard Lion Crests were removed from a position under each bridge wing during the ship's refit at Southampton in 1996
( I cannot remember ever seeing them in that position)
From subsequent photos of the ship it seems that the single Cunard emblem
in a central location below the bridge was fitted at the 2004 refit.

By the way for 25 I found the book very informative.

12th March 2008, 20:04
The images I added above were from last year when I saw her in the Minch, she was on a round Britain cruise and was heading for her 40th at Greenock.

13th March 2008, 01:49
Thanks to you all the info on this matter - I've already been told by some that they're at a loss to understand why I'm so interested in a "silly little plate/plaque on such a large ship", but there you go!! Assuming that their dates are correct - member Sammyspot has an arrival shot Lyttelton, NZ of her on 4 February 2005 without the crest and member Seawolf has a photo of her at Naples on 8 April 2005 with the crest, which would indicate that the crest was placed there sometime between those two dates?

14th March 2008, 05:45
Jim S -
Have been trawling through all sorts of QE2 photo sites (the things one does in retirement!?) and have come up with this one, which shows the Cunard crest (painted on?) below the bridge wing. The shot, from which I've cropped this image, is undated at Fremantle - looks like the wheelhouse window surrounds have been painted in a gold finish, the double-colour line the length of the accommodation which was part of the livery for a while is apparent and there's that plaque on the centreline! I'm beginning to think that said plaque has been there on and off throughout the vessel's life!

Jim S
14th March 2008, 19:02
An interesting photo - I wonder when the Cunard lion ouline above the Cunard name was applied and how long it lasted - the Carol Thatcher book said they were removed at 1996 refit.
As far as the central crest below the bridge is concerned. From what I can determine there is no sign of it prior to Jan 2005 which fits with the 2004 refit.
In the photo gallery Mortimer has posted a very sharp photo of the fore part of accommodation and bridge taken in Oslo 2006.
I am sure during your quest you found many changes to the ship's appearance, even those short lived cosmetic changes that seem to have been at the whim of the marketing people