World War 2 - Disposal of Chemical Weapons

11th March 2008, 20:42
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26th March 2008, 00:06
I am following up leads on the following ships that left British ports and were scuttled loaded with chemical weapons and would appreciate any information anyone can provide about this - particularly if you were involved or observed the disposal process:

Empire Peacock from Barry Dock - August 1946
Kindersley - September 1946
Empire Woodlard - Silloth - Oct 1946
Empire Leighton - Cairn Ryan - May 1947 (?)
Empire Claire - Cairn Ryan - June 1955
MV Vogtland - Cairn Ryan - May 1956
MV Kotka - Cairn Ryan - july 1956Feel free to contact me by Private Message if you do not want to post publicly.