12th March 2008, 23:08
On sea Trials,Cornell built 1961 BU H.Kong 8-1978

Alistair Spence
12th March 2008, 23:47
she was my first ship, joined her in Hamburg, October 1974, and here started my "education". What do I remember most? Pineapples! Crushed pineapples, pineapple segments, pineapple cubes, pineapple slices, pineapple juice....... .........
Was only on board for a fortnight and never saw her again but she was certainly 'modern' by comparison to some other Bens.


Joe Freeman
15th March 2008, 00:16
As a 16 year old apprentice I worked for a short time in the engine room of Bengloe along with a journeyman fitter, checking the runout of the turbine rotor coupling flanges and checking the backlash of the main gearwheel. Mostly I rember the crush of folk working around and above us and the heat from the turbine. It was a great experience for me at the time.

wully farquhar
15th March 2008, 19:15
The Gloe-Loyal-Valla-Armin were all very sleek looking ships,21/22 Knts early sixties,not bad eh.

15th March 2008, 20:10
(==D) i was one of the few sassenachs on the bengloe,when a trio of scousers walked up the gangway ,eyebrows were raised, a great bosun whose name ive forgotten but we had to have a glasgow lad called davie dove to interpret for us, good crowd but possibly the worst deep sea feeder i was on outside of l+h(Thumb)