Operation to airlift ill crewman ( BBC )

Gavin Gait
12th March 2008, 22:22

No news on what boat it is ( or the nationality either ) , not a good night to be in need of medivac !!

Derek Roger
13th March 2008, 01:03
Davie ;
The link you gave shows Russian and the name of the vessel ??

Seems he was airlifted by Helicopter from Lossie or Kinloss to either Aberdeen or Inverness I would guess .

Gavin Gait
13th March 2008, 01:11
Yes Derek the link must have been updated from the time I posted the thread. Just glad the crewmans safely back onshore for treatment. Not the best of days to be picked up off the west coast of Scotland just now ( blowing a gale of wind on the East coast so wouldn't like to know about the Outer Hebrides !! )