Coals to Newcastle

stan mayes
14th March 2008, 14:57
Coal to Newcastle!!!
Many SN members have been in ships which loaded cement at Bevan's Wharf Northfleet...For more than 200 years,cement has been exported from there...
At end of April production will cease as there is no more chalk available locally..
Cement will then be IMPORTED to the berth..
Two x 330 feet high chimneys will soon be demolished.

K urgess
14th March 2008, 16:28
I moved your post to a thread of it's own, Stan.
It would get buried in the Riverdance thread.
I've loaded cement at Northfleet but only remember the destination, Palm Beach, Florida. [=P]

stan mayes
14th March 2008, 16:57
Thankyou Kris,
I posted it as I have often seen mention of Bevan's by members.
I have attached a news cutting to an email for you.
Best wishes,

K urgess
14th March 2008, 17:16
Thanks for that, Stan.
I'd post it as an attachment but it'll be copyright.
Besides you've said everything it says in the article.