Shannon Sikorski Rescue 115 on way to Fishing vessel

samuel j
15th March 2008, 20:47
Rescue 115 on route to pelagic freezer trawler ATLANTIC PRINCESS.
Nimrod 51 giving cover, believe it an injured crewmember
she at moment roughly N53 40 W14

Gavin Gait
15th March 2008, 20:51

ex-Dutch built pelagic freezer trawler. Possibly still fishing for Mackerel from the position. Hope they get the injured man off ok

samuel j
15th March 2008, 21:09
Atlantic Princess pos at 1948z N53 40.46 W014 19.44 course 085 deg 8kts
R115 eta on scene 2045z

samuel j
15th March 2008, 22:13
R115 winching complete 2058z , eta Blacksod 2305z, R51 shadowing until released.