Queensbury 1953 - 1971

16th March 2008, 15:37
In beginning 60s.Burntisland Sb 1953-SANDRA-71-FONG LEE-73-LIEN CHANG-76.-BU Kaohsiung-78-Owned photo

non descript
16th March 2008, 20:28
An interesting one, as she had twin Gray-Polar engines geared to a single shaft. Launched by Burntisland Shipbuilding Co Ltd., (Yard Number 350) on 16 March 1953 and delivered to Houlders (the Alexander Shipping Company) – She arrived at Kaohsiung 18 November 1978 for breaking up. She was one of the most reliable ships in the fleet and spent almost all her life in the UK/South American route for Houlders.