UK and Dutch Officer Unions to merge

16th March 2008, 18:19
I'm surprised nobody has picked up on this announcement. 83% is a hell of a lot of the membership, and I must say I've rather suspicious about the whole affair. I've yet to meet anyone who was in any way supportive of this merger, nor were there any letters in the 'Telegraph' in support of it - all those I read were critical.
Lets face it, after going as far as changing the name of the Union BEFORE the vote, was there any of us in any real doubt as to how this would go?

From the Numast website:

Pioneering plans for a trans-boundary maritime union have been backed by Nautilus UK and Nautilus NL members.

The proposals to create a new union representing more than 25,000 maritime professionals in both countries were backed by an 82.6% to 17.4% majority in a ballot of Nautilus UK members, and secured the unanimous approval of members attending a Nautilus NL general meeting.

The new trans-national union - Nautilus - is set to be launched in May 2009, and will have a head office in the UK and two national branches with autonomy over specifically domestic issues.

Nautilus UK general secretary Brian Orrell welcomed the results: 'Shipping is the original globalised industry, and it makes sense for seafarers to organise across borders in response.

'Extending our long-standing partnership with Nautilus NL by creating a single union transcending national boundaries is a momentous move that will give us added strength and authority in dealing with the multinational companies that increasingly dominate today's shipping industry.'

Nautilus NL president Marcel van den Broek added: 'This is an historic development that will create a loud and proud voice for maritime professionals on both sides of the North Sea. Our two countries have long maritime traditions, and by working together we can help to regenerate the seafaring skills base that is essential for the future of shipping.'

Brian Dobbie
16th March 2008, 20:18
Yes but I think it was 83% of the total votes cast and only 30% (approx) bothered to vote.
The trouble is that NUMAST offer good Certificate Insurance otherwise they may have gone into bed with the Dutch earlier.


16th March 2008, 22:13
The result was 83% of a 23% turnout. I must say that it surprised me that there wasn't more opposition. Apathy rules OK! But then again isn't that how the present bunch of idiots got into government?

16th March 2008, 22:25
I voted...

As Brian says, Certificate Insurance...

So what happens if there's conflict of interest between British & Dutch sides?

17th March 2008, 08:48
I voted...

As Brian says, Certificate Insurance...

So what happens if there's conflict of interest between British & Dutch sides?

I was wary of the whole thing until I went to one of their meetings, which they held throughout the UK.

Without reading all the blurb again, this is what I remember.

If there is a conflict of interest, the Dutch & UK will still be operating independently, using their own regulations already in force. If this is not good enough, that is what they have a comittee for. Also, the joint committee will be proportional to the membership (or similar), which we were told meant we hold the majority. So it seems the Dutch should be more worried than us.

It gives all a stronger say in matters such as Safety, European Law.

There is a fair amount of Brits working for the Dutch, this will help them.

There are no plans to merge with any other european union.

As pointed out the certificate insurance is good, so is their legal helpline, which I have had to use once or twice. There was a worry that Numast would have to almalgamate with the bigger unions and thus become a small cog in a big and faceless machine. This move has avoided that,meaning they can carry on looking after maritime matters.

The meeting was very informative. There was about 20 of us there from all ranks and it lasted over 2 hours. The reps were put through the grill by all of us 'sceptics'.

As for the letters, those that voted no had just as much chance to write as the yes voters and I would like to believe the union are fair. They always have been to me.

Finally, it was a vote, only one winner. Don't blame the union, blame the 70+% that were to lazy or apathetic to vote.