John Murdo Macleod - Ben Line

Willie Mac
18th March 2008, 00:28
Would like to hear from anyone who may have sailed with my 1st cousin John Murdo Macleod.

John Murdo started his MN career as an Ordinary Seaman on the Benledi (iv) in 1950. I believe he was on board her when she caught fire east of Malta in February 1950.

Spent the next 27 years with the Ben Line until he was forced to retire through ill health while sailing as Master on the maiden voyage of the Ben Lines latest acquisition the Ben Ocean Lancer.


Willie Mac

18th March 2008, 00:54
I sailed with John Murdo on the Benhiant from 20-3-68 to 9-9-68. Did a coast and Far East trip with him, he had his wife Isabel with him that trip. She was a happy ship and many thanks to him.

ian keyl
19th March 2008, 00:25
Hi Wullie,

yes I sailed with John on the Valla he was ch/off he spent a lot of time with cadets to help them and to impress on them it was no easy life. John was very proud that at what he had achieved and all those who came up through the ranks from the hawse pipe should be an example to the modern cadet or apprentice who gets life so easy today with very little sea time in and mostof the study ashore in the local college pub.

John of course always made sure the crew got as much time off in port and cadets doubled up where an Ab maybe have been required . This probably goes back to his days on deck. If he was on the Ben \Ocean lancer then there was a sufisticated vessel and again another Master from the deck Andy Davidson from Aberdeen also captained that vessel in its early days.

This does not detract from the facthe was a fine uptanding person ,and i was sorry to hear he passed away. I notice from his picture his cap badge is not a Ben Line One but the arm cuff braid is the full BL.

Rgds Ian

21st March 2008, 19:56
I was with him when we stood by Ben Ocean Lancer in Greenock and slso sailed with him when he was Chief Off though can't remember which ship it was.

9th May 2009, 22:33
Hello Willie Mac.I sailed with John on the Benvalla when he was CH/OFF 27-5-64-28-12-64.One of the ABs went to school with John his name Dan MacLeod,and most other sailors were from the Islands,although my name is Macdonald i was about the only one who could not speak the lingo.Seaton Murray was Capt.It was a great crew.Next time i met John i was bosun on Benhiant when he joined 17-12-66-13-10-67 .but i am sure John was put ashore in Singapore homewardbound with Malaria and CH/OFF Willie Cairns brought her home.Sorry to hear John passed away.all the best mate alex macdonald.