Help! upload not worked.

21st March 2008, 18:16
Hello guys,
I've uploaded my latest picture, or so I thought I had. But it doesn't seem to have worked.
Is there a screening process? or queuing system? Ah anyway, should I try again, probably me doing it wrong.

EDIT: Yup! It was my fault, I forgot to hit process. It's uploaded now.

Bruce Carson
21st March 2008, 18:24
Lizzie, there is no screening or waiting process.
Please try again and we'll see what happens.


Derek Roger
21st March 2008, 18:25
File size may be too big ?/ Make sure it is a Jpeg . Derek

21st March 2008, 23:44
Thank you everyone for the advice, I'm not the most knowledgeable interweb user. All sorted though.