USA - Camcorders

23rd March 2008, 16:45
Off to the good ol USA shortly..

Any advice on Camcorders....
I'm not particually good at IT stuff.

If I buy a camcorder in the USA...will it work back in the UK.

Thanks... In advance...

Gavin Gait
23rd March 2008, 16:48
Most Camcorders on sale in the US will be ok but make sure they are PAL compatible or buy one that writes direct to a DVD ( common system which will work back here ). As for recharging the battery you would need to buy a UK spec charger which should be available on Ebay or your local camera shop as the US uses a different frequency and voltage to the UK

23rd March 2008, 18:34
Make sure you buy it from a store!!!!!!!

We had an Oiler (not the sharpest tool in the box) who came back to the ship in New York all excited and waving his "Bargin" Sony Camcorder bought from someone on the street corner.
Opened the box to find he had paid $100 for a half a brick (Jester)

K urgess
24th March 2008, 00:32
You may have guarantee troubles if you buy in the States.

Gavin Gait
24th March 2008, 00:35
I think if you buy a brand that is sold in the EU they have to honour the minimum 1 year guarantee now Kris , worth checking though

john fraser
24th March 2008, 00:55
We are working offshore in the Gulf of Mexico. Be careful what camcorder you buy.I do believe if you buy one with a memory card,then copy on to a DVD ,then they are Ok but go to a reputable dealer and ask.Find out if there is a BEST BUY store near where you will be.They are like a big version of PC World.