Tug sunk off Hong Kong

24th March 2008, 12:13
18 crew members feared lost aboard Neftegaz 67



Gavin Gait
24th March 2008, 12:25
Thats her details and a photo of her

My thoughts go out to the families of the men who have been lost

24th March 2008, 14:19
Same here Davie. Seen her - and sisters - in many places in the old days.


samuel j
24th March 2008, 18:36
Source RTE

Hopes fade for trapped Ukrainian sailors
Monday, 24 March 2008 11:16
Hopes have faded for 18 Ukrainian crew trapped in their ship on the ocean floor off Hong Kong, where their vessel sank after a weekend collision at sea.

Divers and marine rescuers hoped the sailors could have found an air pocket in their doomed tugboat after the accident on Saturday night, but doubted they could still be alive 48 hours later.

The Naftogaz-67, a Ukrainian tug, was overturned on the ocean floor at a depth of 37 metres after the wreck.

Divers have been knocking on the hull, but have heard no response from inside the ship, which was carrying 24 Ukrainian crew and one Chinese sailor.

Six Ukrainians and the Chinese sailor were rescued.

Their boat collided with a China-registered cargo ship, the Yao-Hai, late Saturday.

Divers have made at least nine attempts to get inside the ship through an opened hatch.

If the sailors do not survive, it would be the worst marine disaster for decades in the busy waterways of Hong Kong, one of the world's leading ports and maritime centres.

Very tragic outcome.