FV Capsizes Under Tow

29th March 2008, 15:31
This is terrible, I know the CG ship's crew is reeling over this.

Navy divers recover bodies of three sealers

Canwest News Service

Saturday, March 29, 2008

CAPE BRETON, N.S. -- Navy divers recovered the bodies of three sealers from ice-covered waters near Cape Breton, according to reports.

The men were sleeping in the lower decks of their fishing vessel when it capsized early Saturday.

Divers are continuing to search for a fourth man.

Rescuers are unsure whether the fourth is still in the vessel or was swept overboard into the Gulf of St. Lawrence, Navy Lt. Lora Collier told The Canadian Press.

The 12 metre vessel capsized about 70 kilometres north of Cape Breton while it was being towed by the Canadian Coast Guard ship Sir William Alexander to Sydney, N.S., said Navy Lt. Lora Collier.

The vessel, registered from the Magdalen Islands, Que., was taking part in the seal hunt and ran into steering problems on waters described as being 50 per cent covered with ice, said Collier.

Two of the vessel's six crew members who were on the upper decks at the moment of capsizing were quickly rescued. The men escaped without serious injuries and were put on another fishing boat that was involved in the operation, said Collier.

A Cormorant helicopter and a Hercules aircraft were dispatched from 14 Wing Greenwood, N.S., to aid in the rescue and dropped off four search and rescue personnel onto the coast guard ship.

The capsized vessel has since been secured to the side of the Sir William Alexander, said Collier.

The southern Gulf of St. Lawrence seal hunt began Friday and is concentrated in the Cabot Strait area between Newfoundland and Nova Scotia. Heavy ice encumbered the about 16 vessels headed for the hunt. The majority of the hunters are from the Magdalen Islands, Que.

samuel j
29th March 2008, 20:51
Getting a lot in press here on it.
Very sad and sympathies with the families.
Too early I guess, but sounds like her rudder problems were more severe than first thought and she was taking on water, which under tow much have started the dreaded free surface effect etc.

Thoughts with the families

Gavin Gait
29th March 2008, 21:29
Regardless of the reason they were there it is a very sad day when things like this happen and my thoughts go out to the families of the men who have died

29th March 2008, 21:47
I agree Davie probably trying to earn a living to support their families like everyone else.


29th March 2008, 22:15
Sad - and my sympathies are with their families - and thoughts too for the cutter crew.


samuel j
29th March 2008, 22:37
I agree Davie probably trying to earn a living to support their families like everyone else.


Could not have put it better....(Thumb)