Cruise ship held in Madeira

2nd April 2008, 19:34
The cruise ship Van Gogh is being detained in Madeira. BBC news has just spoken to a passenger who has no idea why the ship is being held. She was due back in Falmouth on Saturday after her world cruise which still went ahead despite Travelscope going bust. Passengers at first could not go ashore but now can.

She was also arrested in Cape Town before being allowed to leave. It seems there is a problem with the ship. Perhaps members who live in Madeira has more details and perhaps a few pictures?.


Gavin Gait
2nd April 2008, 20:07

SN NewsCaster
2nd April 2008, 20:10
Efforts have begun to secure the release of a UK cruise ship being detained by police in Madeira.

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2nd April 2008, 20:35
A spokeswoman from ABTA said that Van Gogh Lines Ltd were not bonded to ABTA. I find this hard to believe because when Trevelscope (who were chartering the ship from Club Cruise), ceased trading on 21st December 2007, an agreement was reached with ABTA, the administrators and Club Cruise that the 93-day world cruise go ahead. The cruise was offered at a lower cost than the compensation to the 465 passengers. Therefore, if this is a debt problem, I find it hard to understand why it should happen at the end of the cruise, and why ABTA are now saying the company was not bonded to them.

Perhaps somebody better qualified than me can explain the legalities?. And where did Van Gough Lines Ltd spring from?. It was Gloucester based Travelscope Holidays who ceased trading who I understand was members of ABTA. A strange situation. The passenger who spoke to BBC News 24 said the ship had run out of butter.