Frank Butler

6th April 2008, 09:23
Does anyone remember Frank? Is he still around?

Dave Spencer
9th April 2008, 15:27
I remember Frank Butler well. He was one of the better Crew Super`s of the day, a thorough gentleman. Buy cant help you with where he is now.Sorry.
Regards Dave

9th April 2008, 22:14
ex Port Line bosun........and gentleman as you say.

wish i could help with his present circumstances, i would like to know myself.

best regards...........

10th April 2008, 08:45
Remember Frank in the london office,a true gent,i remember we were flying out to join the New Plymouth in Piraues,had a night in the Heathrow airport hotel,it was my mates 21st so we ran up quite a bill,didnt pay in the morning said put it on Port Line slate.Forgot all about it,until about 7 months later flew home from Cairo,where Frank met us to pay off.He said we owed him about 70.00 for our bill in the hotel.we thought christ weve just done 7 months for nothing.He had us along for a while then put us out of misery,and said have it on Port Line.Always used to remind us that we owed him every time we saw him.Was a plessure to work for,a great guy.

Neil Mant
10th April 2008, 09:29
If you remember Frank do you remember his side kick John Vaughn, about 1993 i rang p&o to see if there was any jobs and it was him who answered.about 1987 he left cunard to go there after cunard let all there container/cargo division go. But then he had lost contact with Frank

11th April 2008, 14:45
I remember joining the Nicholson In Antwerp and Frank turning up with the expenses when I was so bad with the booze that I couldn't even sign my name! (Changed days!)

He took me down to a wee bar round the corner from the hotel and bought me two brandy and ports to ease the pain! A real gent!

14th May 2008, 13:05
ex Port Line bosun........and gentleman as you say.

wish i could help with his present circumstances, i would like to know myself.

best regards...........

Frank was bosun on the Port Nicholson when i joined her in 1966

kevin morgan
14th May 2008, 13:18
Always struck me in my 7 or 8 years in Cunard as a top bloke(it's ok Frank, i don't want my job back).

16th October 2008, 12:10
Frank still going strong,last seen at Vintage Port reunion May '08 on board HMS Wellington.
Sadly John Vaughan passed away only a few weeks ago in Rotherham.
Mike lw

16th October 2008, 20:22
Vintage Port............

4th May 2009, 13:25
i remember him well he ended my carearer in the merchant navy came back from a wee drink a shore one of the galley boys birthday big argument broke out as we were going on board ship dont remember what happend next but finisheh up in his office next morning he was'nt very friendly towards me as i was still an e.r boy 1 trip from being a greaser he ended it that was may 1968...

Del Francis
21st May 2009, 15:33
I also joined the Port Nicholson 2nd Feb '66 to 30th July '66 as a JOS, I remember Frank well, Used to have a laugh with him when he worked in the Blue Star Port Line office in KG5.
Regards Del

21st May 2009, 23:17
a pic of to the Vintage Port website

victor wroth
25th May 2009, 23:09
with Frank Butler when he was SOS on the Port Napier with his neighbourhood buddy "Vick Vikery". Have photos of the pair.

Vic Wroth

28th May 2009, 20:23
Yep Cunard Cargo and Port Line was Frank who gave me my jobs, also a straight guy to deal with, I saw a fair bit of the world through him...I will raise a glass to you ....Cheers Frank.

Patrick Finselbach
9th March 2010, 14:40
Frank I hope is a gentleman and a scholar I cant confirm this but somebody told me he got the OBE for service to the industry Patrick Finselbach

9th March 2010, 21:03
If he didn't he should have.

25th August 2010, 14:09
He did
Frank Butler OBE
Sailed with Frank on the Port Nic
Calum Macleod

Steve Dawes
23rd January 2012, 20:32
I remember Frank retiring about 85 or 86?

Neil Mant
1st February 2012, 22:29
Frank is on here somewere