LOWLANDS Tanker Co Ltd

6th April 2008, 15:08
BORDER SHEPHERD on sea trials: Litghows built 1960-MARIVERDA IV 81-AL NABILA II 83-BU Alang 26-5-93.

John Cassels
6th April 2008, 20:22
That's a large accommodation block ????

Ron Stringer
6th April 2008, 20:53
That's a large accommodation block ????

But look where they had to go and put the radar scanner! And only one radar.

7th April 2008, 18:08
Great ships to sail on, I was on sister ships Border Castle, Border Falcon,
Border Pele, also the older Border tankers. Enjoyed my time on them, great bunch of guys to sail with. peter.

12th March 2009, 19:36
and the radar was kept in a locker under the chart table only brought out in poor vis or approaching a difficult port
he last border had a cct tv on the forecastle to see ahead
good for the kids

9th July 2009, 20:31
Anyone on the Border Laird?
I was on a BP tanker in the 70s, and we virtually ran out of stores.
We were anchored off Okrika in the Bonny River, when the Border Laird turned up, went straight alongside the jetty. A quick call up and the Border Laird gave us all the stores we needed.
When she turned up we had been living on soup and sandwiches for several days.
Thank you Border Laird :o

29th March 2011, 13:55
What about the Border Terrier circa 1971...anyone? I was a first-trip-on-my-own R/O, joining on a home trade contract in the Isle of Grain and paid off in the PG some 10 months later!!! Dave Walker was 3rd Mate

n. liddell (sparks)
29th March 2011, 18:05
Did first trip on Border Laird June 69 to July 70, - don't think she lasted much longer after you saw her dickyboy, believe she had engine room fire and that was the end for her - great time had on her though!

31st March 2011, 11:26
she looks a fine ship.

ray............in Batley.