HMS Bristol

Doug Rogers
29th May 2005, 06:27
Designed as an Aircraft Carrier Escort vessel the Bristol was the only one completed out of a projected total of eight vessels.
Built by Associated Shipbuilders, Wallsend on Tyne she was completed in Dec 1972. Displacement 5,650 tons, Length 508ft, Breadth 55ft, Max speed 28kts.
Armament One Seadart, one 4.5" turret, two 20mm AA, One Ikara and one Limbo Mk10 AS.
COSAG machinery, two shafts, 74,600shp. Unusual funnel arrangement, one funnel forrard and two beam of each other aft.

fred henderson
13th June 2005, 16:07
Some additional information. HMS Bristol was ordered from Swan Hunter Shipbuilders. She was built on the Tyne at a time when the UK shipbuilding industry was consolidating. A new company, Swan Hunter & Tyne Shipbuilders Limited was formed to acquire the assets of five major Tyneside shipyards from January 1969. As three of these yards were owned by Swan Hunter Group, it obtained the majority of the shares in the new company. The ships on the order books of the old companies, including HMS Bristol, were completed by the new organisation as sub-contractor to the old companies.

Doug Rogers
14th June 2005, 05:13
Thanks for that information Fred. Look forward to your further postings and any pictures that you have available.

24th June 2005, 22:53
i beleive HMS Bristol is still being used at Portsmouth as a training vessel with armament removed, a replacement for HMS kent a county class which used to anchour there. i have a photo from feb this year,

Bob S
25th June 2005, 15:36
There's another HMS BRISTOL thread that has additional photo's including being moored at Portsmouth.

4th September 2005, 11:03
I served on hms bristol 1976-1977

1st November 2006, 21:08
I served onboard 82-84, check out