New Fastcats and other improvements for Wightlink

10th April 2008, 10:08
Eco-Friendly ferries, better terminals with more capacity have been announced by Wightlink as part of an 57 million investment.

Over the next four years the company will replace the Portsmouth to Ryde Fastcats with green vessels, improve terminals and increase capacity.

The first part of the programme is the new Lymington to Yarmouth car ferries later this year. At Yarmouth a 26.5 million investment will see a third vessel arrive and improvements to the linkspans.

Wightlink has allocated 9 million improving the Fastcat service from Portsmouth to Ryde. Current vessels will be replaced by next summer with two more efficient and environmentally friendly passenger craft able to operate in rougher conditions. These have already been ordered from a Philippines-based company.

There will be improvements to Ryde Pier with extra car parking. Another 17.5 million will be spent on the Portsmouth to Fishbourne car ferry route including upgrades to the Saint class fleet, increasing capacity at busy times and improving efficiency.


10th April 2008, 19:34
Are the new ferries going to be fitted with emergency brakes Davi? :)


10th April 2008, 19:51
Don't know Brian (EEK) It certainly took them a while to get used to docking the last two they bought. They dock a cruise ship quicker?!.