Merchant Ships DVD's

11th April 2008, 15:29
Hiya, just to let everyone know about some DVD's that are available, through the BBC.
At the moment they are 7.49 each and are available by phoning 0844 848 2112.
The Cruise Liner Experience, features cruises on Oronsay, Orsova, Arcadia and Oriana in the 50's and 60's, that's all on theone dvd which lasts 1hr 37 mins.
I have it and found it very interesting, I never worked on Liners just cargo and tankers, oh and a couple of ferries, but still enjoyed it.

They also have a collection titled The London Docklands Collection of which there are 4 dvd's available, all at 7.49 and it's a half price offer.
I have these on order but can't tell you much about them as I am still awaiting delivery.

Cat Nos are 120685 Waters of Time looking at the docks system following a merchant vessel into port and recalling the docks in the 1920's.

120694 City of Ships looking at the pre-war docks, the docks at work, the docks in 1942 and a tour of the Thames by PLA launch.

121361 Royal River focussing on royal ties to the river, plus the docks in 1929

121359 Thames Port, five films covering containerisation, the docks and the city, cargoes from South Africa, new technology in the 70'sand the docks in 1959.

Films range from just over 1hr 30mins to 1hr 54mins, it makes a refreshing change from ones about the Titanic.


3rd May 2008, 14:22
they seem to be very interesting, I was a waiter on both the Oriana (maiden voyage 1960), and the Oronsay