Hopemount Shipping Company.

matthew mcgrotty
13th April 2008, 19:02
Hi All,
Anyone sail on the Hopecrag,I joined her at the tail of the bank on her maiden voyage,Baton Rouge,to Japan-Kobe,back to Baton Rouge -Japan,on to Stdney,nice ship,we lost the steward in Yokohama,he was found floating in the dock,very tragic,I think his name was Hughie Gallacher,he was around 45,Sulzer engine but it was a very memorable trip for me,it was my first trip to sea,would love to hear from anyone who remembers me.

7th March 2013, 19:03
Hello Mathew . I too sailed maiden voyage ,Hopecrag ,1963 ,first trip ships engineer .great ship great trip great crew remember we visited ngoya yokohama and capetown as well Good luck Brian Doleman .

matt mcgrotty
19th September 2013, 18:03
Hi Brian,i have been trying to remember you,I was the engine room boy,there were two of us,and the fireman was wee Willie McIlroy,another Glasgow man.I eventually sailed as a Junior engineer after going ashore for four years.I used to hate cleaning the Purifiers,worse job ever.Brilliant when I joined Bankline I had to delegate them tasks to others.Can you remember several of the Stewards jumped ship in Sydney ?.Thanks for your reply and lets hope you can keep in touch if you remember anything else about the Hopecrag.