One for Fairfield

Doug Rogers
1st June 2005, 05:05
"Himalaya" and "Chusan" Vickers Fitting-out Basin 1949. Note original funnel on "Himalaya", subsequently modified to Thornycroft design on both vessels.
Knowing Fairfield has seen so many ships built over the years I thought this might be a nice one for him!!.

1st June 2005, 07:53
Not many yards where two large passenger liners would both be fitting out at the same time.Historic shot and thanks indeed for showing it.

Doug Rogers
1st June 2005, 08:25
No problem, another blast from the past, must be getting old or something!!. I have a few more very old ones put aside, will see what else I can come up with.

Marcus Cardew
1st June 2005, 19:40
Nice to see a picture of the 'Big' crane at Barrow.... It was dismantled in the late 70's as I recall..