Hello from Belfast

the yard
1st June 2005, 23:14
Came across the site a few days ago - some super images.

I have been reseaching for a number of years ships built by my current employer Harland and Wolff, Belfast.

Following in the footsteps of my late father I have worked for the company for over 25 years. I just love reading anything to do with the company and the ships it built.

"the Yard"

Ron B Manderson
1st June 2005, 23:20
Good to have you here yard
Is that a surname or what
Only asked
Enjoy the banter we do (sometimes)

the yard
1st June 2005, 23:35
No, not me surname - just slang for my place of work.

Ron B Manderson
1st June 2005, 23:48
No, not me surname - just slang for my place of work.
I know just a welcome leg pulling
I got the nickname Batman so I can't talk

julian anstis
1st June 2005, 23:51
Welcome aboard Yard,

Hope you enjoy the site and it's images, if you check out my gallery for the ICENIC I imagine your father may well have had a hand in her construction, my first ship out of sea school launched in 59. If you need any info just shout, someone will come up with the answer for you.


2nd June 2005, 06:37
Welcome aboard, Yard.
You'll find plenty of ships here that either yourself or your father had a hand in. I gather that Harland & Wolff is now but a shadow of its former self.
Enjoy the site and we look forward to your contributions.

2nd June 2005, 07:52
i was in the drawing office for about 5 months 9 years ago
under a young section leader clled Dave McVey

2nd June 2005, 07:54
And from me.I too have a soft spot for Harland and Wolff as I could see the Glasgow yard from where I lived and in later years there still was a Clyde presence with trials and tug assistance.
I have a collection of H&W pics which I shall post.Some I think may already be on-CANBERRA/S launch and also MYRINA and VIBEX.Have others as well.Will look them out.Sad what has happened to the yard now-just a skateboard park if the BBC is anything to go by!!!

the yard
2nd June 2005, 10:12
Cockerhoop / Fairfield

Dave is now the companies sales manager.

Looking forward to seeing the pics - I will try and upload a few pics of the yard as it is today.

2nd June 2005, 10:47
my family moan eveytime the skateboard thing comes on the telly, i always say i used to walk past those cranes everyday on the way to work.
a quote when i was there
came from a young lad at a naming ceremony for a tanker
stood on the dockside, he proclaimed " dad i can't see the ship for this big red wall infront of us"!!!!!!!!!!!