16th April 2008, 08:53
Found your site by chance guys. Bloody great idea. I worked on a few ships in the 70's and will dig out some pics from this time asap.Maybe get the ole juices flowing again. Keep up the good work lads.

non descript
16th April 2008, 09:00
Kenny, a warm welcome to you. Thank you for joining the community; enjoy the site and all it has to offer, and we very much look forward to your postings in due course. Bon Voyage

16th April 2008, 10:09
Welcome onboard to SN and enjoy the voyage

Steve Woodward
16th April 2008, 11:44
Welcome to SN from Suffolk, enjoy your time with us

K urgess
16th April 2008, 12:53
Welcome aboard from East Yorkshire, Kenny.
The 70s were good years.
Join in and enjoy the trip.

Bruce Carson
16th April 2008, 14:09
From Michigan, a warm welcome to Ships Nostalgia, Kenny.
I think you'll enjoy our site and we'll be looking forward to your pictures.
Good to have you onboard.


16th April 2008, 22:40
Welcome from Lancashire.

I hope you will enjoy the site.