16th April 2008, 13:57
hi.folks.anybody know where i can get any info on her .got every thing from the national archives.regards ken.

K urgess
16th April 2008, 15:40
Have you got the information from Miramar here (http://www.miramarshipindex.org.nz/ship/show/80796)?

David E
17th April 2008, 13:06
The Mopan was sunk by the Admiral Scheer before the Scheer moved on to attack the convoy guarded by the Jervis Bay.The suicidal bravery of the Jervis Bay allowed the convoy to scatter and avoid total destruction.

There was strong criticism of the failure of the Mopan to transmit the three group "raider" warning signal after she had been ordered to maintain radio silence by the Scheer.This warning would have allowed the convoy a longer time to scatter.

Her Master,was a POW until the end of the war. Oddly enough,I was third mate with him for his last two trips in the "Golfito" in 1954 before he retired as Commodore.A very taciturn little man,he never spoke of his wartime experiences.

David E

18th April 2008, 16:09
thanks david. i wondered if captain sapsworth carried on with his career. after his release.what shipping line was this.regards ken

18th April 2008, 16:41
thanks marconi sahib.cheked the site some additonal facts i didnt know. regards ken.

David E
18th April 2008, 17:43
As you know,the "Mopan" was a Fyffes ship.He returned to Fyffes after the war and remained there till he reached retirement age in 1954.At that time the "Golfito" was the Fyffes flagship-later supplanted by the "Camito" when she came along two or three years later.
Interestingly,when the Golfito was built in 1948,she was designed for a rapid conversion to an AMC in the event of war.Her deckhouses were very strongly built to allow the rapid installation of guns and sections of the cargo decks could be converted to magazines very quickly.She had a higher potential maximum speed,well above her normal service speed.This was never publicised.

David E

19th April 2008, 12:45
thank you once again david.he's castigated on other sites for not sending r r r signal . surprised he made commodore. regards ken .