Dutch Frigate in heavy weather

samuel j
16th April 2008, 20:26
dutch navy

16th April 2008, 20:47
Must have been an easterly gale and in a rush to get back to Den Helder!!

Best regards,


samuel j
16th April 2008, 20:48
Ha ha......(Jester) and a Friday afternoon...

16th April 2008, 21:06
Thats a brilliant bit of film! :)

global trotter25
19th June 2009, 15:25
This clip shows the Karel Doorman Class frigate Abraham van der Hulst. The footage dates from the second half of the 1990s.


fred henderson
20th June 2009, 14:38
Probably there was only soused herring sandwich available to eat in the mess deck!(Jester)

Fred (Thumb)

25th June 2009, 05:19
Reminds me of my days in the Bering Sea while in the US Coast Guard on a Hamilton Class ship. On one patrol we had to jump to turbines in weather similiar to the video, the ship took a pounding, only the saltest sailor would walk the passageways with a cup of coffee and NOT spill a drop. During the winter months the storms are fast and nasty.