Help on RMS Aquitania Drawing

18th April 2008, 21:44
Hi people,
Me again, I'm stuck again on my latest effort. What I am having problems with is the lifeboats, here's a photo on SN that points to what I'm looking at.
Underneath the lifeboats are what looks like collapsible lifeboats, is that what they are?

Anyways, my apologies to Lksimcoe for running behind with Aquitania, my father has been seriously ill, and I've been flat out of time with it. But it is on track again, a few more days!!

21st April 2008, 15:21

Don't worry about the time. Family always comes first, so when you get a chance to finish it, it's okay. Never should a ship come between you and your Father.

21st April 2008, 15:52
Thank you Lksimcoe, as I'm sure you know now it's finished.
My father is on the mend so to speak, but thank you for the kind words.

Regards Paul

Bruce Carson
21st April 2008, 17:22
I have the "Ocean Liners of the Past" reprint of 'The Shipbuilder', 'Aquitania' special edition.
There are five pages, with photos and line drawings, of the life-saving appliances.
If your drawing is based on the original configuration, that section may be of some help.
There were 58 decked, 22 collapsible and 2 motor boats as original equipment.
If you would like a copy of the pertinent pages, PM me your EMail address and I'll scan and forward them to you.


21st April 2008, 18:46
Thank you very much Bruce for such a gracious offer, I have finished the drawing now as you might have seen.
I kinda of guessed by the photo on here that they might be collapsible Lifeboats, as so I did incorporate them into the drawing.
But your offer is very appreciated and accepted, I might at some time create another Aquitania drawing from another angle.
I am not sure how the PM thing works with my lack of interweb knowledge, but I'll give it a go sir.
Kind regards Paul