Hello to Everyone from Myself

20th April 2008, 14:40
Hello to you all.

Came across this site when my daughters started asking me about my Merchant Navy days and looking for pictures of the ships I sailed on, think I started boring them but started getting that pull of the sea feeling.

So here is my service record, ( having blown the cobwebs off my Discharge Book )

Go under the name of Alan Crawford. I attended The National Sea Training college at Gravesend from 11th October 1976 till 28th Jan 1977,

First ship M V British Commerce 16/2/77 till 2/5/77, a full crew from scotland if I remember apart from myself and one other, stayed coastal/europe on this one.

Onto M V Strait of Canso, 1/6/77 - 23/8/77 ( desperate for a picture of her ) which I and a couple of others one flew to Canada to join, thourght I was the bees knees flying off too work I can recall, different days travel wise as opposed too now! A great ship from my memory.

Next joined Palm Line, M V Iloren Palm 14/9/77 - 17/12/77, real seamanship! this was a fantastic trip down the West Coast of Africa, wish I had stayed with Palm Line for afew trips, a true initiation into life, on docking back in Tilbury afew ABs looked longingly at a huge container ship at berth and said " If you ever get the chance too sail with them, go for it Alan ". I had just had the best life experiences I could ever expect and they thought this big green box was the best thing ever!!!

Sailed next with Shell,, S S Partula, 8/1/78 - 11/2/78, a trip into hell and back, thankfully stayed coastal despite threats to go off to Venezulia. On joining the Bosun asked me of my previous trips and such like, then said " You only need to do the mandetory 28 days, then get off here at your first chance." Which I did thankfully, with much thanks to that Bosun, a great man whose name eludes me. But I owe him alot.

Made it my mission on leave to sign with a company, rang and wrote to Palm Line, Blue Star and loads more that had derricks, but being afew months short of my EDH cert they wouldn't entertain me, rejection after rejection landed on the doormat, then one arrived, could I come to London for an interview?, from my wild card, that big green box company that I remembered those Hard-arsed ABs drooling over, Container Fleets Ltd later to be Overseas Containers Ltd so on finding out that the pay was great conpaired to what I was getting I joined CFL, the luxury of these ships amazed me, the cabins (en-suite on most) I ended up sailing on:
SS Jervis Bay 24/4/78 -27/7/78 Austrialia / New Zealand
MV Mairangi Bay 8/10/78 - 17/11/78 and 17/11/78 - 27/2/79 Austrialia / New Zealand
SS Moreton Bay 8/5/79 - 16/8/79 Austrialia / New Zealand
SS Botany Bay 24/9/79 -24/12/79 Austrialia / New Zealand
MV Resolution Bay 4/2/80 - 6/5/80 Austrialia / New Zealand
SS Flinders Bay 3/6/80 - 4/9/80 Austrialia / New Zealand
SS Encounter Bay 9/10/80 - 20/1/81 Austrialia / New Zealand
MV Resolution Bay 6/4/81 -30/6/81 Austrialia / New Zealand
MV Moreton Bay 2/9/81 - 25/10/81 Refit and Sea Trails Glasgow
MV Resolution Bay 7/12/81 - 11/3/82 Austrialia / New Zealand
SS Remuera Bay 12/5/82 - 21/7/82 Austrialia / New Zealand
SS Table Bay 24/8/82 - 22/10/82 South Africa
SS Jervis Bay 3/12/82 - 17/12/82 Austrialia
MV Liverpool Bay 31/5/83 -31/7/83 Europe/Far East
MV Kowloon Bay 1/9/83 - 31/7/83 Europe / Far East
MV Tokyo Bay 13/12/83 - 12/5/84 Europe / Far East
MV Tor Bay 17/10/84 - 18/2/85 Gulf / Far East

A great company to work for if my memory serves me right. Paid off MV Tor Bay in Kobe, Japan and never looked back, staying in Japan for a number of years, marrying and living the hippy life around the Far East when it was safer to do.
Eventually made it back to the UK, have retrained and now work on A&E for The Yorkshire Ambulance Service, yes thats right just like casualty.

Would be nice to relive some off those times with those who where on those ships, alot is just a blur unfortunatley. i still have up in the loft afew of the crew lists we used to get on the Bay boats with full crews on the ships at that particular time, so next job is to find them, to put names to the faces of some good friends I made during my time at sea.

fred henderson
20th April 2008, 16:22
A warm welcome Al. I am sure that there are many members who served on on OCL at the same time as you. I hope that you can link up with some of your old ship-mates. In the meanwhile, please join in any of the debates where you have a view or opinion.


Steve Woodward
20th April 2008, 16:31
welcome to SN from Suffolk, enjoy your time with us

20th April 2008, 16:36
Welcome from Lancashire and thank you for an exemplary first posting!

I hope you will enjoy the site.



non descript
20th April 2008, 18:16
Al, a warm welcome to you, that's a fine introduction piece to be sure. Thank you for joining the community; enjoy the site and all it has to offer, and we very much look forward to your postings in due course. Bon Voyage

K urgess
20th April 2008, 18:28
Welcome aboard from East Yorkshire, Al.
Quite an introduction. I'm sure there'll be someone in the crew you shared a ship with.
Find your way around this ship and enjoy the trip.

Bruce Carson
20th April 2008, 20:10
Al, from Michigan, a warm welcome to Ships Nostalgia.
I hope our site will rekindle some good memories and, I think, you'll probably be hearing from old shipmates before long.


Sister Eleff
20th April 2008, 22:03
Great introduction Al and welcome, just one word of warning - this site can become very addictive (==D)

Pat McCardle
20th April 2008, 22:33
Welcome Al, about the best intro so far on here. I see you left the 'Sea Factory' 1 month before me, happy days!!

21st April 2008, 01:34
Welcome onboard to SN and enjoy the voyage