Shark Gotch of the Islands

Bill Forster
24th April 2008, 22:26
I first read this book by Albert Richard Wetjen whilst a ten year old recovering from chicken pox in an isolation hospital at my school.

I was sent it by my father, a virtual stranger to me and my younger brother since he was always away at sea. We assumed he lived a similar life to Shark Gotch, the fast shooting skipper of a schooner in the Pacific.

It now changes hands on the Internet for as much as 100 but I have just successfully bid for a copy at a much lower price on E-bay (Australia) which I shall give to my brother who leaves for France on Monday aboard his small cabin cruiser.

Does anybody else remember reading about the exploits of Shark Gotch?

I am a retired publisher and would love to publish a new edition so that 'kids' of all ages could rediscover its charms but it is still in copyright despite the British born author, Albert Richard Wetjen, having died in San Francisco in 1948.

The author was himself a sailor though he told a few tall stories about his life at sea to boost sales of his books!


george G
14th November 2012, 23:28
Hi Bill
Have just been going through old threads and came across reference
to Shark Gotch. Great favourite of mine 50 or more years ago (Now79)
Sure more than one of this series. Sailed 12years BP Tankers Engineer,

Regards George