Hello from Copenhagen

5th June 2005, 15:48

I'm a new member and very impressed with all the nice photos on this overwelming site. I will later post some pictures from my own collection. I'm researching the story of several danish Trampers, build from 1905-1924-1929-1930. The ships were named: S/S T.M. Werner, S/S Erik Boye, S/S Svend Pii, S/S Otto Petersen, S/S P.N. Damm, S/S E.M. Dalgas and M/S Abelone Vendila (Build 1954). If anybody have some info or pictures I would be very happy to get in contact.

Ron B Manderson
5th June 2005, 17:41
Ask and you will recieve
as they say

Doug Rogers
5th June 2005, 23:38
Welcome aboard Simon, look forward to your input.

6th June 2005, 06:12
Welcome aboard, Simon. Nice to see a Member coming to us from Denmark. A wealth of knowledge here, someone will be able to answer your questions. We look forward to your contributions.

6th June 2005, 10:17
Welcome from Italy is always appreciete see new members!!

julian anstis
6th June 2005, 10:19
Welcome aboard there Simon,

Enjoy the site and I'm sure you will get some information shortly, and we look forward to seeing your photo's etc