Some Youtube footage

samuel j
30th April 2008, 21:24
Smit Loire


viana do castelo, portugal

Smit Singapore

The Starting Of A Day - Tugboats Working

Derek Roger
30th April 2008, 23:45
Thanks ; Derek

samuel j
8th May 2008, 22:30

"Tito Neri" approach YM Cypress in front the port of Livorno

Swansea tug the shannon in swansea bay
Clyde Tugs. 2

starting engines of a tug

Sanmar Eskort Series

11th June 2008, 00:22
How much good Samuel (Thumb) I knew what it means a hard day sea work.

Thanks a lot and a warm greeting to the boys on tug from Spain, if you know them.

By the way from this video :

Can you breathe me the song's name and the Lyrics ?

samuel j
11th June 2008, 00:42

Try this link....


11th June 2008, 00:46
I have enough by now, it's too late and even though my mind wants go on my eyes can't stand.

There's so much to look and peer that time fades away quickly

thanks for sharing John..and that is the last thing I'll do tonight I swear

Good night